Future exhibition :




            DATES TO BE ADVISED 2019         Art Sablon in  Brussels (collective exhibition)




           January 2019    Exhibition at Salon International de lingerie in Paris 

             June 2018         Exhbition at La Serrurerie Beaune

  June 2017         Exhibition in Chagny

  June 2016         Exhibition in Chagny

  June 2015         Exhibition at Biennale de Sculpture de Nolay

  September 2014           Exhibition in Chalon sur Saone

  August 2012     Exhibition at La Chapelle Ziem during the Mute Cinema Festival

  June 2011         Exhibition at the Château de Chassagne Montrachet

  March 2010      Exhibition at La Comédie du Vin

  July 2009          Exhibition at Biennale de Sculpture de Nolay

  September 2007           Exhibition at La Moutarderie Fallot in Beaune

  July 2007          Exhibition at Biennale de Sculpture de Nolay

  March 2006      Exhibition at Musée de la Feuille d’or in Beaune




  June 2005          Final Exhibition (Diploma) Pitville Gallery- Installations, videos.

  May 2005           Prix  - Highly commented - RWA Bristol

  August 2004      In Carrara in Italy to carve marble

  July 2004           Exhibition in Cheltenham (collective exhibition)

  June 2004          Solo Exhibition at Pitville Galerie in Cheltenham 

  May 2004          Location 2003 – Gloucester Docks Cathedral 

  May 2004          Genesis Greenbelt Festival Francis Close Cheltenham -  Installations