Lace Dreams


The exploration of the lingerie theme as an allegory of the intimate, the private, the hidden and the secret permeates Benedict Roland Clarke’s current artistic initiative. The artist has aimed at establishing a real "stand" through her pieces of marble lingerie in order to demonstrate that it is possible, and even desirable, to combine the sacred and the profane. The airiness she breathes into the white stone that makes up her body of work inspires a sense of vindication of lingerie and provokes contrasting sensations by questioning classical art and its eternal canons of beauty and elegance. The media have long associated lingerie with the symbol of sexuality and awakening desire, but today women wear lingerie for their own personal pleasure or taste. The artist’s body of work attempts to translate this audacity, this freedom of choice and, this new affirmation of women who dare, all over the world, to denounce sexual harassment, the forced wearing of the head scarf, or excision that continues to be practiced in some countries... A piece of lingerie symbolically engraved in marble becomes the image "Freedom".

If you would like to place an order of Lingerie in marble in any size and style, please contact the artist